Saturday, May 9, 2015

Color Paints Collection (Spring/Summer 2015)

Below are swatches for the new OPI Color Paints Collection.  Each color will be swatched with the middle two fingers using the silver canvas base color as shown in the first picture, while the other two fingers will have no base.  In addition, I will show a picture of each color using one coat and two coats to show how opacity can change the look of the color.  Enjoy!

Silver Canvas
Magenta Muse (one coat)
Magenta Muse (two coats)
Chromatic Orange (one coat)
Chromatic Orange (two coats)
Primarily Yellow (one coat)
Primarily Yellow (two coats) 
Landscape Artist (one coat)
Landscape Artist (two coats)
Turquoise Aesthetic (one coat)
Turquoise Aesthetic (two coats)
Indigo Motif (one coat)
Indigo Motif (two coats) 
Purple Perspective (one coat)
Purple Perspective (two coats)
Pen & Pink (one coat)
Pen & Pink (two coats)

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